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Caution: New Virus Found In Facebook Messenger

There’s a particularly nasty new malware campaign being orchestrated via Facebook, and all users are advised to steer clear of clicking on links in Facebook’s messenger service, even if you know the ...

Life After Irma

Hello, Florida. We are so incredibly grateful to be talking with you today. After the two weeks we've all had, I'm pretty ...

Popular Weather App May Be Sending Your Information To Advertisers

With Hurricane Irma moving toward the US, many of us in Tampa are anxiously keeping tabs on the weather. If you're a ...

If your business accepts credit cards, ignorance is expensive

Verizon has just put out a new report on businesses that accept credit cards as a form of payment, and their compliance ...

Let's Talk About Facebook Scams

Here at DataCorps, we love Facebook. In fact, the odds are good that if you're reading this article, you arrived here from ...

Study Shows High Percentage of People Would Disclose Info for Savings

Smart device manufacturers are learning a lesson that most internet-based service companies know very well. At least half of the consumer market is willing to trade their personal information, and trade it ...

Sophisticated tax software scam causing IRS to issue warnings.

The IRS is being proactive. With tax season fast approaching, they’re warning filers to beware of email scams designed by hackers to ...

Disney Apps May Have Collected, Tracked Kids’ Information

It’s not often that you read the words “Disney” and “trouble,” in the same sentence, but the company’s reputation is taking a ...

Scientists Prove They Can Get Passwords From Brainwaves

It just may be the ultimate cyber security hack: stealing passwords from your brainwaves. It’s something that has moved beyond the realm of science fiction and into the realm of possibility, according ...

The Official Book on Good Passwords Has Been Rewritten

Anybody got a password Th@tL00k$Lik3This? You may not know it, but it's largely because a man named Bill Burr wrote a report ...


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