Image result for fbi logoIn Response to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) Private Industry Notification (PIN) number 20190409-001, issued on April 9, 2019, DataCorps has advised its clients regarding the contents of the PIN. Further, DataCorps has made recommendations to its clients based on those given by the directive on mitigating the risks posed in connecting with the identification of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IGRC) as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO). Many of the recommendations in the article can be applied at little to no cost and are a part of the standard suite of DataCorps Managed Services. Others requiring additional monitoring tools and software are available at a nominal fee.

As with all cyber security recommendations, not all are reasonable for every environment as some carry cost and operational burdens, however, each should be evaluated and thoughtfully considered.

DataCorps already implements many of the recommendations outlined in this document and is prepared to discuss them and their impact with each client, individually and confidentially.

Due to the sensitive nature of the methods and processes used to secure DataCorps' systems and connectivity between its services and clients, they will not be disclosed except as necessary upon a client's request, and in any event, will be disclosed only privately after receipt of reasonable assurances of confidentiality from our client.

The original text and document of this notice is not designated for public dissemination but is available for DataCorps' clients, vendors, and peers for review. Please contact DataCorps' if you are interested in a copy.